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Visual Communication Design

Visual Communication Design (DKV) at UPJ teaches students to use visual elements to effectively communicate messages. This program not only develops creativity and innovation in visual language, but also integrates the Open to All (KOTA) Curriculum to explore various other subjects. DKV UPJ graduates have broad career opportunities, such as graphic designers, illustrators, animators, social or commercial campaign drafters, and multimedia professionals. As part of Pembangunan Jaya, DKV UPJ plays a role in developing community culture and urban areas. This program aims to create graduates who are able to package visual messages efficiently and communicatively for social and commercial purposes.


Creative Design for Urban Future

The DKV (Visual Communication Design) program at Universitas Pembangunan Jaya offers a structured and gradual learning approach, spanning from the foundational level to advanced analysis over eight semesters. The uniqueness of this program lies in the application of hands-on practices through studios, experiments, and work assignments, allowing students to develop practical skills in graphic design, photography, and multimedia. Additionally, the DKV UPJ program places special emphasis on utilizing theory in real-world situations, with a focus on both print and electronic media. At the advanced levels, students are provided with opportunities to enhance their understanding of the creative industry and the selection of appropriate media strategies in the context of visual communication. With a strong emphasis on critical thinking and creative problem-solving, the DKV UPJ program prepares students to become competent and adaptable professionals in the ever-evolving fields of graphic design and visual communication.

Profile of Our Graduates

  • Be able to create graphic designs that meet the specifications and needs of visual communication problem-solving.
  • Demonstrate creative abilities to produce visually appealing designs that reflect local culture and possess the capability to address global challenges.
  • Possess written and verbal competencies to describe and analyze visual art and graphic design through writing, conceptual development, research, theoretical studies, and critique of their visual works.
  • Exhibit a professional mindset ready to compete in the global industry.
  • Exhibit a professional mindset ready to compete in the global industry.
  • Master and develop the necessary techniques for executing relevant form and content in the field of visual communication design, both in conventional and new media.
  • Showcase competence through a professional portfolio that meets industry standards through professional design experiences.
  • Serve as Visual Communication Designers ready to work as professionals or entrepreneurs in the field of Visual Communication Design.
  • Pursue further education at the master's level to enter the academic world.

What to Learn

The Visual Communication Design (DKV) Program at UPJ (Universitas Pembangunan Jaya) covers various subjects related to graphic design, multimedia design, interaction design and visual communication in general. Below are some of the materials that may be studied in the study program:

  • Graphic design :

Graphic design refers to the process of creating and arranging visual elements, such as images, text, and illustrations, to visually communicate ideas, information, or messages.  Graphic design involves the use of design software, engineering, illustration, photography, typography, and composition to create attractive and effective visual works.

  • Multimedia Design :

Multimedia Design refers to the process of creating visual, audio, and interactive elements used in digital contexts and interactive media. It involves combining various media such as text, images, graphics, audio, video, animation, and interactivity to create a rich and engaging experience. Multimedia design is used in the development of interactive content such as websites and mobile applications.  The main purpose is to convey information, entertain, or provide an interactive experience to users.

  • Interaction Design :

Interaction media refers to media that allows users to actively interact with the content presented. In interaction media, users have control over their experience and can participate in navigation, manipulation, or response to media elements. Examples of interactive media include interactive websites, mobile applications, computer games, multimedia presentations, e-learning, interactive videos, and many more. Interactive media development involves an understanding of user interface design, programming, animation, interactive technology, and user experience principles.

Future Career

After graduating as a Bachelor of Design, DKV UPJ alumni have the opportunity to build a career in professional fields, including:

  • Conceptor, designer and implementer in the field of visual communication based on media and information technology.
  • Independent practitioners in the field of promotional media, printing and publishing.
  • Conceptor of social or commercial campaigns.
  • Conceptor and implementer in the fields of multimedia, animation, videography and interactive media.
  • Visual arrangement of the environment and integrated areas.
  • Professional graphic designers, illustrators, animators and game designers.
  • Teacher, design consultant, and entrepreneur.

Alumni Stories

“DKV UPJ is the right place to collaborate and develop interests and talent"

Camila INDDEX 6 2023 Gold Medalist

"DKV UPJ provides more room for introducing design aspects, making it suitable for provision when entering the workforce."

Ivan Johannes Graphic Designer at Forta Larese

"DKV UPJ provides a comfortable environment so that my learning process about the world of DKV becomes more enjoyable"

Sherine Sevilla Johannes Jr. Creative Designer at Sirclo